Watch Dogs Gets New Update


Ubisoft have released a news title update for Watch Dogs.

The new patch, includes a feature which allows players  to select their friends to hack in multiplayer.  It is available for all versions of the game. The patch notes are as follows:

Single player features added:

  • Replay options – After having completed the main story line, players will now have the option to reset previously played Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions. – (all platforms)
  • Drinking games – The Drinking Games were re-tuned based on community feedback. – (all platforms)
    • Increase round fail time by 20%. More time for player to finish.
    • Increase button cycling time by 50%. More time between button switch.
    • Increase player reticle radius by 25% in collect button mode. Allow easier button press succeeded on bad latency tv.
    • Increase player reticle last frame velocity impact on this frame position (inertia friction) by 70%. The player reticle slow down faster when no input from player -> easier to stay on the spot targeted & More precise player control.
    • Increase player input factor by 50%. More precise and more reactive player control.
    • Reduce max force applied randomly to player reticle from 0.35 to 0.29. Less strong random impulse for drunk effect.
    • Reduce moving target speed by 15%. Easier for player to time his button press on a target.

Multiplayer features added:

  • Hack your friends – You can now select available friends via the grid and hack or tail them without their knowledge. This can be disabled under online options. – (all platforms)
  • CTOS Mobile – Mobile players disconnecting will no longer result in the gameplay ending for the console/PC player. Console and PC players will play their match to the end and receive some Notoriety points for doing so. – (all platforms)
  • Multiplayer bad behavior – Players who are frequently disconnecting from multiplayer matches will be pooled together and paired only against players with similar online behaviors. – (all platforms)
    • If you’re playing against someone else who disconnects unfairly, you will get the same amount of Notoriety as if you had won at that moment.
    • The disconnector will not receive any Notoriety.

Single player fixes:

  • Poker- Fixed a bug in which players were getting stuck playing poker if they used the camera against the last opponent in a low stakes game. – (all platforms)
  • Missing persons investigations – Fixed instances in which the wrong text was appearing in Portuguese language. – (all platforms)

Let us know your thoughts on the new patch via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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