Wax On, Wax Off With Mr. Miyagi In Reality Fighters On The PS Vita


Sony has today revealed that Mr. Miyagi, the well-known character from The Karate Kid movies, will feature in their augmented reality PlayStation Vita title, Reality Fighters.

According to Mitsuo Hirakawa of SCE XDev Studio, Mr. Miyagi will have two main roles in Reality Fighters. First of all, he’ll teach you how to set yourself up as a character in the game, choose clothing and costumes, learn special moves and more. To add to that, he’ll also be on hand to give encouragement before a bout and share some wise words with you after, whether you win or lose. Secondly, he will also take the form of the final boss character in the game. Once you’ve beaten all the other fighters in the game you’ll have to take on Mr. Miyagi himself!

Check out the list below to learn how else Mr. Miyagi will be involved in the game.

  • Mr. Miyagi will show players how to capture their face using the PS Vita cameras, bringing them into the gaming world.
  • Unmatched in his prowess of the karate fight style, Miyagi can also switch to any of the game’s fifteen other fight styles at random, making him a formidable and gruelling opponent. Players will need to have paid attention to his wisdom throughout the game to stand a chance of victory.
  • Perseverance will be well rewarded, with the chance to play as Mr. Miyagi, and wear his trademark handyman uniform, first seen when Daniel-san meets him in The Karate Kid.
  • Players can also unlock the Miyagi family headband to wear within the game.
  • Mr. Miyagi is voiced by Jim Ward, a prolific gaming voice actor who has also performed in Call of Duty, Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid and more.

If you’re a fan of The Karate Kid movies and were already picking up Reality Fighters for the PlayStation Vita, then having Mr. Miyagi as a character in the game is a great little bonus, we’re sure you’ll agree. Take a look at some of the screenshots released below, and be sure to let us know what you think.

Reality Fighters launches alongside the PlayStation Vita on February 22nd.

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