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WE 2010: Blue Samurai PS3 Impressions


As more impressions regarding the PS3 version of Konami’s Winning Eleven 2010 : Aoki Samurai No Chousen(Blue Samurai from here on in!) surface, it has to be said there is an element of consistency coming across in the views being posted and that these views are generally of a positive nature. Positive within the context of what the game is essentially and that is a tweaked Winning Eleven 2010. All very encouraging to hear for those who are still awaiting there copy to arrive or are still to make there mind up if it is worth a purchase in order to tide them over until later in the year when PES2011 will hit.

Staff member Roigafni has kindly took time out to go pretty in-depth with his own take on the title and is available available for all’s consideration after the jump.

“Well, to start and to give you the desire to read what my impressions are, I would like to say that Winning Eleven 2010 Aoki Samurai no Chousen (hereafter: “ASNC”) is a good game. It’s A tweaked version of WE/PES 2010 with not too much improvements but the important ones are there*.

First and the most important thing that I looked for is the “player control”. While in PES/WE it was buggy, in ASNC it’s improved. Bear in mind that it’s not 100% (I guess it maybe related to player skills). Secondly, and as Joolz40559 pointed, the player movement seems less stiff and much better. The rigid is still there but it’s refined so you won’t notice it as much as before.

As to the response: I love it. It’s so much better than before. With the game is less stiff you guys will really enjoy from this improvement. Player react much faster now to most of the time and it does add a lot to the experience.”

“The Pace: it’s still fast especially when playing against the A.I though there is some improvement in that area. But, while playing against a friend or in online mode (which works great by the way!!!) The pace is slower and very enjoyable.

As for the Animations: It’s true. The animations are smoother and less broken. But there aren’t any new animations. At least to what I saw.

Ball physics: huge improvement. In addition to what Joolz40559 wrote, I would like to add that the shooting and the passing power response more accurate to how much you press the square button or the x button on the PS3 controller. Also, Lobs and shooting seems to be better and the ball indeed feels and bounces more lifelike. not perfect though.

Shooting : Better and more accurate.”

“AI – huge improvement. First, The A.I attack more and not just passing the time by passing the ball to each A.I teammate (I played on top player). Second, when you in possession you have more space to move with the ball as the A.I defense not closing you down like crazy bastards as before. Though, when I played with Arsenal against Barcelona the A.I puts a lot of pressure in the middle of the field in order to gain control of the ball. One thing that I really liked is to see my A.I teammates running to open space when I’m in possession with the ball. It’s not happen too much but it’s there.”

“Referees : what do you know? In my first game I won a penalty! Can you believe it? I can’t remember the last time I had one. The referee appears stricter now and delivers more yellow cards than before though sometimes it’s really annoying when he ignores fouls committed against you.”

“The G.K: Much better. It’s harder to score a goal now though sometines their reaction is just too much and unhuman.

English: sorry guys. It’s impossible to change the language to English at all. Only the main menu is in English. But, you can change all player names to English and it’s easy to know who is who by the name that appear on the back of the shirt. Also you can change the name of the unlicensed teams (only) to English. (Arsenal, Chelsea and etc.).

Edit mode: There is no change”

“Conclusion: ASNC is better game than PES/WE 2010. Don’t expect to 9/10 because it’s not as it’s the same game. It’s just more tweaked and polished game as we all thought it will be.

In my opinion if PES/WE 2010 was a 7-7.5/10, then ASNC is definitely deserves to receive 8/10. The thing is that ASNC is too much expansive compared to what the game delivers. But if PES is in your blood don’t let the money issue to stop you.

One more thing I would like to add.
I’ll be working on an OF to change whatever is possible to English.

*based on almost four hours of playing”

Thanks again to Roigafni and all the WENB forum members who have posted up their impressions of the game thus far. You will even find feedback on the PS2 version and a lengthy PSP review by Armando Dona in the games dedicated thread HERE Excellent work gentlemen and your efforts have not gone unnoticed by the community.

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