Welcome to the Abs-Herd (A Discovery On Twitch)


It may just be me, but recently I’ve been in some kind of funk with games. It feels like this New Generation of consoles, aren’t offering up many titles that fill you with awe. Granted, I have not had the chance to play all of the “BIG” games, but who has when gaming is an expensive hobby these days?

With that in mind I find myself playing a lot of FIFA 15 and CoD:AW, purely because they are essentially a comfy pair of shoes. You know exactly what you’re getting with them, while you save up your pennies for what will hopefully, be the title that finally uses the technology available to perform something special.

Having 2 games on repeat is an easy way to become despondent and as a result I turned to Twitch. I have always been a fan of both playing and watching games being played. I’ve dabbled with a “let’s play” or two in the past and have thought about doing them myself, but I’d never really known about Twitch.

It was at this point that Absnerdity and the “SNEStravaganza!” came into my life and reminded me how much I really enjoy gaming!
Absnerdity (Abs) has decided to take on the task of completing every SNES game… ever. The primary goal is to do so before the 25th anniversary, but his current average completion time puts the reality of completing everything into 2018. I personally don’t see that as a problem because it means more streaming!

I was born in 1986, my first console ever was a NES and the SNES followed that. When I was younger, games would only ever arrive if and when my brothers bought them. I have many fond memories of the games we owned, but Abs has opened up the SNES world to me. I can reminisce with him and the chat room over titles I used to play and probably found incredibly difficult (who knows if the same could be said now!?), as well as experiencing games I know I would have enjoyed, whilst leaving some of the titles lacking in so much to Abs (Dungeon Master… yikes!).

I first picked up the stream whilst he was working through Metal Warriors, a game which you could argue was Titanfall Mk I. I really enjoyed watching this because Abs is fantastic at both conversing with you and talking about the game itself. You can see he really enjoys what he’s doing and his love for games. I have an amazing amount of respect for the fact that he perseveres with a game until it is complete. There have been a fair few moments that many of us would have had to quit and come back when something ignites the gamer rage, which we’ve all felt. I think it’s these moments that make Abs and the stream so endearing. Everyone is rooting for Abs during a section that is especially tricky. When he finally beats a really hard boss or ridiculous section of a level, you too feel elated!

Thus far Abs has completed 134/901 games. If ever you’re bored and looking for some entertainment I highly recommend you check it out. I’ve tuned in at every opportunity since finding the stream because it’s rekindled my enjoyment for gaming. It’s also a great environment when you consider the chat room. I’ve looked at other streams and there are those ridiculous, pathetic or sleazy trolls everywhere. I’ve seen none of that so far with Abs. There’s a lot of fun to be had with everyone. His hosting is better than a lot I’ve seen too, he’s a true natural.

Abs picks his next game on the list by holding a raffle which allows a lucky viewer to pick what cartridge graces the SNES with its presence (I forgot to mention, he’s using an actual SNES). It’s amazing to see how excited people are for the chance to pick and to see what’s coming up.

To conclude, if any of you find yourself slightly fatigued with gaming, this stream is a perfect example that it’s ok to step backwards. We don’t always need to look forward in the gaming world. Like a favourite green hat donned hero of mine, Abs is providing A Link To The Past (a game I can’t wait for in the stream), that is so refreshing and informative. The young whippersnappers of today could also benefit from viewing some of the crap us older gamers had to put up with back in the day! Abs if you read this, keep it up, I’m locked in until the end!

Abs’ Twitch page can be found here

You know you're a gamer when you live for the smell of a feshly opened game, mmmmmmm yes! I fell in love with games the day I was given a NES which came with Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles and Mario Bros. Since then my tastes have developed and I'll happily play most genres, but I can tell you that scary games are a no go! I also try to avoid realistic racing titles. It's Mario Kart for the win!


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