Looking for WENB? Next Gen Base is now the new home for everything previously on WENB.

Welcome to the new Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog


Welcome, PES fans, to the new look Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog. What do you think of our new home? It’s all part of the Kitana Media Network redesign,with FIFA Soccer Blog and the Next-Gen Gaming Blog also getting sexy new makeovers. Don’t worry, the quality of our content won’t take a dip in form, the redesign just means that you’ll be able to find and enjoy the latest PES news with considerable ease. Plus, we like to keep things fresh over here at WENB, and what better way to do that than with a lovely redesign?

To compliment the redesign, we’re also having a change of hosting platform. What does this mean for you guys? Well, the overall reliability and stability of WENB will improve greatly. Thanks to this change (fingers crossed), you’ll be able to access our fantastic content whenever you want without issue.

Saying that, as everything settles into place, you might encounter few teething problems as you browse the website or forums. We value your feedback and comments, so if you do come across any major issues, please do let us know via the forums, e-mail or Twitter.

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy the new look WENB and all the content we’ll be bringing you over the coming months. Many thanks for your continued amazing support.


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