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Welcome To The World Of Jett Garner


You know me, I’m a huge fan of the PES community. Whether it be a fansite from an unknown part of the world, or someone who’s an uber fan and gets involved with the fanbase, chances are I’ll be all over it in a flash.

Jett Garner is first and foremost a football fan, living in Austin Texas, way over in NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB country. After finding him on youtube thanks to a friend’s link in an email, I’ve been a fan of his ever since. And while his affection is undoubtedly towards PES, his opinionated views scream unbias rather than fanboy.

Check out his PES 2010 vs FIFA 10 video to get what I mean:


Certainly someone’s views I’ll be listening to, Jett has a contagious personality which is both refreshing and extremely entertaining. Make sure you check out his YouTube page here.

Jett Garner, WENB Salutes you!

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