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OK, so me and Suff aren’t at the Tokyo Games Show, but I’m happy to say we have someone representing the site at the event. Forum member fernando_we told us how he’s attending the show, and would love to represent the site for us at the show. Armed with a press pass, he’s been able to take loads of pics of the event, and give us his impressions of the game!

Hit the jump for around 11 amazing pics and impressions!

First of all I want to say a massive thank you to fernando_we for getting these pics and information on the code at the event for us. He’s a true legend!

The code at the event was the same as the one released on PSN and XBOX Live in Japan yesterday. While no one at Konami wanted to say the exact percentage (in case they were wrong), they only committed in saying it was “somewhere in the 80’s”.

At the event, armed with the press pass shown below, he was able to take quite a few pictures for the fans. As you can see, the area was full of amazing merchendise and football memorabilia! Konami certainly go all out when there’s a party in their home town!

Again, huge thanks to fernando_we for all these pics! We salute you!

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