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WENB Bolsters Editing Team


With PES 2011 still unannounced, and with it being many months before we even contemplate talking about the inevitable WENB OF for the lastest PES, we’ve already starting assembling our editing ‘Dream Team’.

Konami seem to be forever challenging us with the many updates that reset OF’s, and it caused our current editing team a headache or two over the past months – not to mention the entire fanbase. Even the most resilient editors patience was tested more than once. With no word on this ever changing, we’ve decided to combat it this year well in advance, by making the team BIGGER!

Iain (JackWho) & John (Mighty__Mag) have been serving the community for many years, and more recently have been working on the PESGaming forums showing their stuff. Iain’s kits are regarded as some of the best out there, while John’s face importing can sometimes look as good as a preset face. You can see a sample of their work in their header.

With these two well known and well respected editors joining Sean (01srainey) and Roi (roigafni), we hope to create a near perfect option file for launch. And to go with our better, bigger service come September, we hope this will create a more active editing scene on the site post-PES 2011. We’ve always supported the game as soon as it hits, but with a refocus we aim to tackle the editing scene with more authority.

Make sure you check out the guys editing thread on the boards. Iain’s kit thread can be found here, and John’s face and face request threads can be found here and here.

Fingers crossed PES 2011’s edit mode is improved further, and gives these guys the means to flex their editing muscles.

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