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WENB Editing Team Release New Kits


Well to be exact, new editing team member Iain (JackWho?), has released new templates for the new Chelsea and Liverpool kits. As you can see from the pic above, they look excellent and very accurate. You’ll also find the goal keeper kits, and some other international teams in his dedicated thread, by clicking here. Would like to point out Iain created the Liverpool kit over an unlicensed team in the game to show his work.

This work proves WENB’s commitment to editing the game well after launch going forward from here on in, and will ring much louder once PES 2011 is upon us.

On a totally different subject, Iain, his brother, and friends have made a quite extraordinary video for the Doritos ‘King Of Ads’ Campaign. Being a member of the team, I really want to make sure he wins it – or gets the recognition it deserves. Watch it here.

Please watch it, and spread the word. WENB editing team, they make commercials too! 😉

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