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WENB EU Base Option File!


Let’s get the ball rolling!

Due to unforeseen circumstances (prequel data issues mainly!) WENB are proud to officially release the base file for this years game. The file has technically been live for a couple of days now, but with the editing team currently hard at work to ensure as complete a file as possible is with fans as soon as possible (please read below) we wanted to make the wider community aware of the base file which is currently ready for installation. We are also delighted to inform you that this Option File will work with any EU BLES version of the game, which is an unexpected but more than welcome bonus.

**This Option File will be updated 28th September (one week today) with full Bundesliga squads, stadiums and much, much more!**

Version 1.00 contains the following:

1) Team Emblems added for EPL, Bundesliga and Liga Zon Sagres teams
2) All Leagues and cups names corrected (except We league/cup)
3) League and Cup emblems/logos have been added
4) Actual names for Zon Sagres, EPL and Bundesliga unlicensed teams
5) League structures edited
6) Correct kits, logos and badges for all EPL and Bundesliga teams

Download Link:


DO NOT COPY OVER THE SYSTEM DATA FILE FOUND IN THE SAVEDATA FOLDER! Some people are reporting that this could well wipe your online pass if you have already entered it via the PS Store. Also, be sure to follow the instructions found in the installation guide regards how to avoid trophy support loss.

Installation Guide Link (important):


To keep up to date with WENB’s best ever OF, be sure to follow the team @WENBediting and follow the forum thread for this base file HERE

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