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WENB Exclusive : First PES 2010 Screen Released!


And who else to star in the pic than the main man himself, Lionel Messi. The words PICTURE PERFECT come to mind!

Click To Enlarge (1920 x 1080)

The incredibly detailed pic is an actual in-game image, and shows graphical detail beyond anything Konami has reached in the past. It also comes with an accompanying press release:

Messi brought to vivid life in PES 2010

Konami showcases massively enhanced graphics engine as

PES revamp continues apace

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released the first in-game image of its forthcoming PES 2010 title, demonstrating the stunning new level of detail and graphical refinement the new game enjoys.

The work in progress image shows cover star Lionel Messi in action in the new game, and showcase a massive advance in aesthetic detail. Crucial to the new game’s look are all-new dynamic lighting effects, where the position of the sun or the illumination from the floodlights is reflected in real time within the shadows cast both on the pitch, stadium, the ball and players.

The newly-expanded Tokyo-based PES Productions team has also worked hard to create the most vivid player recreations to date. Player expressions are now fully implemented, while the level of detail has been extended to individual skin textures and different weaves for the various kits to mimic the breathable material so many manufacturers now use.

Further details will be released in the coming weeks.

We’ll have further insight throughout the day. For now just sit back and admire the view 😉

We here at WENB also want to say thank you to Konami UK for giving the site the opportunity to be the first to launch the news. Their commitment to the community is paramount, and choosing us to launch the news is clear indication of that. With that, we want to say thanks to all the fans for their continued support. Long may the exclusives continue!

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