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WENB @ Gamescom – Our Plans


We detail what to expect next week at the show.

So, it’s Gamescom next week, and with it should be some key announcements from the show regarding PES 2013. So what can expect?

A new trailer – Konami always reveal a new trailer at the show and this year will be no different

Release date announcement – Loads of rumours about the date have been doing the rounds, with September looking like a possible release date. We should get confirmation at the show

Licenses – We’re expecting an announcement on licenses, clarifying what Konami have obtained. Everyone is anticipating the Brazilian league to be shown

Jon Murphy Interview – We have some time with the PES Team Leader, with some questions aimed at the future of the series

Lots of gameplay videos – WENB is working with the guys behind German PES site Prorevo in a bid to bring you lots of gameplay footage from the show floor. It will newer code, so should be an interesting watch!

Stay tuned then, next week should be mega. It all kicks August 15th. Don’t miss it!

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