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WENB Is 3 Today!


Happy Birthday us, we’re 3!

I can’t believe we’ve managed to keep this site going for 3 years now. I guess as a fansite we’ve seen it all, going through bad times, and this year good. The hardest part of running a fansite is getting past that first year. As most bloggers will know, many people have big ideas with their own blogs, but rarely do sites make it through that first tricky period. Then there’s the fact that when the game you’re covering comes out, all you want to do is play the game and not blog!

We’ve managed to beat all those problems easily, and thats down to the amazing support from the community. Again, huge thanks to everyone who has got us here. We’d be nothing without the likes of SteveM from Konami, Caniggia and Riot, PC Action, the amazing WENB team, and of course everyone reading this post.

Later this year WENB (and the Kitana Media Network) sees its biggest change yet. We will go on to our own servers, and look to bring you a bigger, better service. Huge thanks to the people who have donated (see ad on right), and are actively showing their support in keeping this blog going. Fingers crossed more of you will make a small donation before September, as every little helps 😉

Thanks again for supporting us. Time to raise those glasses and celebrate!

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