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WENB Needs You!


Announcing new initiatives, and with it opportunities to get the community involved.

It’s May. Meaning PES 2012 announcement is around the corner. We’re always looking to improve what we do for you guys, and with this year about to kick off very soon we want to get ourselves ready. For that though, we need your help!

First of all, all of the below is directed at the UK members. Sorry to disappoint our massive worldwide userbase, but because of logistics, it simply had to be this way.

So here’s the plan.

  • Video Editor/Creator: We are after someone who is well versed at putting together engaging videos, using software such as Sony Vegas, to create montages of gameplay and possible video guides. Equipment will be needed
  • Guide Creators: A team of people who are dedicated to producing a guide for PES 2012. This would include intricate dissecting of the games numerous modes, as well being to explain individual player and team ability/traits clearly and precisely
  • Game Mode Experts: We want experts in modes such as Master League, Become A Legend and Master League Online, to be able to explain and spot new inclusions, improvements and detailing such things back to the fanbase
  • Xbox 360 Option File Creators: Someone who is comfortable and knowledgeable in putting together an option file for the Xbox 360

So the reason why we need you to live in the UK, is because all of the above will require the people selected to be able to travel to sample the game pre-release (to the North West) numerous times of the year, with the intent of completing the tasks ALL OF WHICH MUST BE COMPLETED PRE-LAUNCH.

If any of the above interests you, please drop a staff member a pm on the boards, or email adam.bhatti@kitanamedia.com, with examples of previous work, and we’ll announce the team in the coming weeks.

Thanks, and goodluck!

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