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WENB OF Out Saturday 5pm (GMT)!


PES 2010 is finally out all over Europe, and after speaking to many retailers it seems most of you have the game in your hands. All you need now is an option file. Correct?

I’m happy to say we’ve been busy working away at the PS3-only OF after the no show of the much wanted Konami transfer update. We were banking on it being released for launch, anything else IMO is a step backwards. But instead of crying about it, our OF creator Sean (01srainey) has been working around the clock to correct things we were going to ignore.

Thats the main reason the OF missed todays expected launch, but you’ll be pleased to know Sean has got LOADS done for launch tomorrow.

  • All club teams with correct emblems
  • All teams (International and Club) with licensed kits
  • All club teams with correct team names
  • All fake players in the game with real names (excludes unlockable players)
  • Most transfers up-to-date, might be some minor ones missing
  • Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg and Stuttgart created
  • Bundesliga base created (team names/kits) – To give editors a head start once unlockable players are unlocked

All of the above will be included in the option file, released tomorrow at 5pm UK time. Sean will update you throughout the day to let you know how things are going. We’ll release on a variety of download sites, complete with an easy-to-use guide for all beginners.

Thanks to Sean again for his fantastic work!

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