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WENB OF V3.1 Released + Remaining nPower Teams


The Editing team are at it again, this time with some key updates and new teams!

First of all, the new updates are files that contribute to the awesome V3 OF. So, you’ll need that first. Get it here.

Now the new update, 3.1, requires you to just copy over the edit file. It includes:

– 100% EPL faces comprising of; preset/built/hair base copied to compliment already in-game builds.

– All EPL teams have new, updated formations.

– Nike GK shirt fix.

– Requested NT player name changes.

– npower Championship sleeve logo fix.

– npower Championship formations fixed.

– Serbian NT and Academia kit fixes.

Download the file here:


– http://www.gamefront.com/files/22502634/PS3.zip

– http://www.multiupload.co.uk/T0QQWKKM43


On top of this, if your Championship team of choice wasn’t in the V3 option file, the remaining 6 have been created for you to import in at will.

To access them, with download links and further details, click here.

Once again, huge thanks to the editing team!

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