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WENB PES 2009 Wii Video Review! *Updated*


David reviews PES 2009 Wii for us in the best way he knows how – a huge video covering all the modes, features and gameplay footage! Updated 22/03/2009 [Shortened down and verdict included – with written round up!] 



A fantastic video, with over 15 mins of information on Konami’s latest PES release.

And here’s a written round up of the review:

1st off Id like to say that Konami really have worked on making the game more playable and more responsive than last years title. It was something I noticed as soon as I started playing it, it moves well and is reponsive but it does take some getting used to. But believe me when you get used to it you will find yourself playing the sort of football you could only wish you could play before! 

Moving the players is very straightforward. Off the ball you can click and drag a player to move him into a position using the A Button on the WiiMote. Also when on the ball thats one of the ways you can control the player when dribbling, you can also use the analog stick on the Nunchuck if you prefer. Passing is done using the B Button and again I absolutely love this! the way it works is brilliant! you can see/play passes that you couldnt in the past! As I said last year they have totally revolutionised the way you can play football.

Shooting is straight forward, point where you want to shoot and shake the Nunchuck to take the shot, the harder you shake the harder the shot is. 

Defending, when I got to grips with this (which took time) I realised the best way to play is to click a player near the opposing player thats on the ball and then click on the player with the A button that youd like to pressure… you will find yourself standing a better chance of winning the ball then using the Z button and shaking the Nunchuck to do a slide tackle….. Holding down the Z button on a player you have selected on your team will mean that they will close down the player in possession of the ball.

Good to see the Master League included in this release. For me it kind of makes Champions Road a bit redundant but its good to have options and more game modes in any case. Master League is exactly the same format as it has been on Pro Evo’s on the other consoles and on the PC. 

Wasnt able to test online WFC matches but will do in due course and will update you guys with online experiences. Likewise with the classic controller ill do the same.

Verdict (out of 10)

Sound: 7. some dodgy chants one of which sounds like “Check the oil, check the oil, check the oil!” and the commentary at times seems to go quiet and isnt exactly inspiring.

Graphics: 8. Taking into account its based off of the PS2 engine I cant really fault it, it looks good.

Gameplay: 9. Wow! once you get to grips with it how rewarding is it?!!! VERY! You will enjoy the open-ness of it all!

Overall: 9. Well Done KONAMI!!!


And that’s not all from David. We have more analysis on the game focused on classic controller playability and online play.

Stay tuned for that!

Let us know what you think on the forums 🙂

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