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WENB PES 2012 Embargo Drops Wednesday!


Finally, the time has come to tell you what we think.

Some weeks ago myself and Suff got to play PES 2012, but we’ve had to keep our lips closed for a good while. I’m happy to announce this Wednesday our embargo ends!

Below is a planned timetable of information from WENB on that day:

1pm: Asim Tanvir’s gameplay impressions from E3 build (follow Asim on Twitter for live updates on impressions @AsimTanvir)

3pm: WENB playtest impressions

10pm WENB Podcast

Make sure you check back on the day for those!

Also, worth mentioning, we should start to get gameplay impressions from the press on Tuesday. Due to the time difference, it will be around 6pm UK time people start to get hands on with the game.

The wait is almost over!

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