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WENB PES2011 Option File Is Here!…


…Kind of.

Konami have been known for throwing a few curve balls in their time but nothing like this. Not until today did we realise that WENB’s own version of the game came with BLES – 01021 code, which is not the code the UK users appear to have, with them instead having the game with the BLES – 01020 catalogue number.

So, this first Option File is for users with the BLES – 01021 code present on their disc of the game. It will not work with BLES – 01020. This is being looked into by the team with an update on matters sure to follow as soon as possible.

We’re very pleased with the outcome and hope you are too. Here is what the first version of the OF contains:

• Full kits for EPL teams and unlicensed teams in La Liga & Serie A.
• Major unlicensed national teams now have full kits.
• Team emblems added to unlicensed teams
• League and Cup emblems/logos have been added.
• Formation and squad numbers have been updated
• Many transfers have been made
• Player accessories (boots/kit styles) have been updated
• Fake names from unlicensed nations have been corrected.
• Classic Argentina, Brazil Netherlands, Italy names have been corrected (Haven’t had to unlock more)
• 11 stadium added (Craven Cottage, Reebok, Anfield, St James Park, Stamford Bridge, Upton Park, White Hart Lane, Villa Park, Goodison, St. Andrews and Estadio Mestalla), all of which have their own unique advertising-boards

Download it HERE

Guide to installation in the below video.


Huge credit goes to JackWho, 01srainey, Jaymez Hetfield, ShadyKnight, BORU1OO, RoiGafni and especially Adam. A great piece of work here gentlemen and one in which I am sure PES fans will be delighted with. It of course helps we appear to have a game that might well be worthy of your tremendous efforts.

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