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WENB Podcast 084 – New Season Signing


So this is it, the last podcast of 2009. To sign off the year, and with Suff still working extremely hard with work away from the site, we decided to take this opportunity to introduce you to new editorial member Alan Curdie.

Alan has been working as a moderator on the boards (Dodo75), but recently wrote both the PSP and Wii reviews of PES 2010. With him becoming a prominent member of the team we thought it would be best to let you guys get to know him, well in advance of news build up to next years version. But it’s not just 50mins on Alan, as we talk about PES news, including the recently released patch that has many of the community wondering if it did or didn’t effect the actual gameplay.

So sit back and relax with a warm cuppa as WENB sign off yet another eventful year with the poddy.


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