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WENB Starts Own PES Star Competition!


Taking lead from Konami, WENB has decided to start our very own PES Star competition! Going hand-in-hand with Konami’s PES Wants You campaign, we want the fans to post in pics proving just how much of a PES fan they are. The pic in the header is an example, but it’s not what we really want to see. We want something DIFFERENT, something EPIC, something MIND-BLOWING!

And your efforts won’t only be entered in the official PES Star campaign, we’ll also be offering the chance to win a free game courtesy of ShopTo! And yes, you can choose that game to be PES 2010!

The competition will last until July 15th, with the winner announced on the podcast!

So what you waiting for? Take some pics and enter by posting them here!

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