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WENB To Invade US!


Some great news for our massive North American audience, WENB has managed to team up with Konami US to provide news and information for all you guys in Soccer-land! For years now we’ve been focused on the UK and other areas in Europe, but failed to provide the same sort of service outside that circle. Release dates, patch information etc have usually been lost in translation, due us being situated where we are. Now though things are about to change!

And it’s just not a dedicated US site that’s in the works, we’ve also teamed up with videocasting extraordinaire Jett Garner to lead the charge! Jett will act as the community leader for the US equivalent, and I’m sure you’ll agree he’s the best man for the job. Already with quite a following, he’ll be able to provide you guys with the latest news that’s dedicated to NA with official Konami backing.


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