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WENB UK BLES 01406 OF Released!


WENB releases a base file which will be the epicenter of your PES experience this year.

The game is just over an hour old in the UK, and we have worked extremely hard to make sure we are here with a file for you all to enjoy.

We took a slightly different approach this year with the file, as we wanted to introduce you to the import and export function within edit mode. This gem allows users to choose separate teams, with updated kits and squads, and import them into your game, without the need to download entire option files!

Hence the base file WENB has now brought out. There is much work to do still to complete the OF, but by using the import feature, you will all be able to download individual teams nice and easily into your game!

Take the work being done by forum member Jaymez Hetfield. His thread in the editing section will be soon featuring a variety of downloads of Championship teams. So if you want to import someone like West Ham United, download the team pack, pop it into your PS3, boot the game up and import them via edit mode.

Yes as simple as that. And WENB will be supporting this OF throughout the year, with teams, leagues and players updated on a weekly basis 🙂

But to the OF we have now! It includes:

All competition logos imported, with correct names
All club teams with official logos and correct names (Bundesliga, Portuguese League, EPL etc)
EPL kits imported, apart from Norwich – Wolverhampton Wanderers.

We’ll be releasing a team pack to import into your game as soon as this weekend, but get the worst done by importing the base today!

Download the file here.

Indepth guide included, created by community legend @chaos_PES

Enjoy, and keep an eye on the team packs soon!

Quick install guide.

1) Make sure you have downloaded the latest Patch, and the DLC.

2) Download the file onto your PC. You should end up with a .rar file.

3) Right click the file and extract to desktop. You should have a folder called PS3.

4) Put that folder onto a USB stick, and then insert the USB stick into your PS3.

5) In the XMB (main screen when you start your PS3), go to the Game icon, and scroll to a folder called “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”.

6) Enter the folder. You should see an icon in the folder which says “USB Device (Storage Media)”. Select it.

7) All the files from the folder should appear. On each file press triangle, then select copy. Do this for every file.

8) Once done, remove the USB stick and start the game!

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