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WENB Update


With me and Suff being pulled away from our WENB duties for the rest of the week because of our real life jobs, I thought I would give you guys a quick update on what’s happening in the world of PES/WE.

Yes, this was destined to happen. A week that welcomes October and a step closer to receiving final PES code, and a week that also sees FIFA 10 being (officially) released – one of the busiest times for the sites. Myself and Suff are just up to our necks with work related things away from the site, hence no podcast and the possibility of no updates from us both for the next few days.

Because of that I wanted to give you a quick heads up on our views with whats been going on, and perhaps try and fill the void of not hearing us chitchat on the weekly podcast.

The first thing I want to address is the recent post by PESGaming regarding the WE 2010 demo, and the claim its final code. DD and Francis are good friends of the blog, top lads who I have the utmost respect for. I was lucky enough to meet DD at the very first playtest and have to say it was a pleasure to meet him. His views on the game are certainly more critical than most, and it was great to have his input when we got a taste of PES 2010 in June.

The article, written by Francis, speaks of the fact WE 2010 is final code. While I understand where he’s coming from, I find it a tad confusing. After playing the demo, and then the code I have, there still seems to be some differences. I think he mentioned that in an update of the post, saying the demo gives you a superb insight in what to expect from the final game. I couldn’t agree with him more on that, as it’s my feeling exactly. Whilst not final code, the WE 2010 demo has enough tweaks over the PES 2010 demo to make me more assured in saying if you playing the Japanese version you’ll know what to expect October 23rd.

After all a demo is a demo. Things like graphical polish, some bug testing and perhaps the last month additions will be missing – its how these things go. There’s lead times and accreditation from Microsoft/Sony to take into account, and that can take weeks. The demo is there to give the consumer a general idea on what to expect, and I think the WE 2010 demo does a better job it than the PES 2010 demo. And it should do, if I’m honest – especially as it was released a week later.

Moving on from that, we have the fact that there’s been nowhere near the same amount of pre-launch hype than last year. Its confusing, but I feel thats down to the embargo put in place from Konami. We worked very closely for the past 2 years with PCAction, when they released things like faces and gameplay videos. This year is very different, and I can’t understand why Konami would want to do this. With no one bringing out info, or releasing screens, the fans have nothing to get excited about. The game is under a month away, so I hope the final retail copies come through soon so the release of PES 2010 is greeted with a fanfare, and not a muted response it’s threatening to become.

Finally, Tokyo Games Show. We had fernando_we at the event for us, and he did a sterling job. But his work isn’t finished yet. He’s on his way back home as we speak, and once he lands he’ll be uploading videos and more screens for the fans from the show floor. We’re also hoping to get him on the podcast in the coming weeks to go into more detail about the code at TGS, and the online tests that were going on.

So all in all its not been as quiet as it might seem. We’ve got plenty of things lined up pre-launch with OF details and loads of videos ready and waiting. Fingers crossed Konami give us the green light ASAP to shower you with all the exciting info soon.

See you Friday!

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