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WENB Wednesday; July 15th Schedule


As most of you know, WENB’s embargo date on playtest impressions ends this Wednesday, July 15th. We thought we would give you all the full breakdown on what is happening on that particular day.

The exact time the embargo ends is 9am (GMT), and with it you will be greeted with a full playtest report. It’s around 2000+ words, packed with numerous high-res screenshots that will both impress and evoke discussion.

Throughout the day we’ll be posting a few pieces on PES 2010, one of which will be a 3min 25sec quick video that was recorded straight after the playtest.

In the evening we’ll be releasing a HUGE podcast, which (not since the first series) will be split into different segments. We’ll be talking about FIFA 10, PES 2010, and of course any other news that reaches us by then.

It’s going to be quite a day, make sure you don’t miss it!

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