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We're In Brazil! *Updated*


Your one stop shop for all the latest from Brazil.

**First embargo for info and impressions from the event is at the end of May**

As you all know, Adam is representing the community at Konami’s PES2013 press event which is being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Below are some pictures and tweets compliments of the man himself. We will updating this post as the event unfolds, so check back to see if anything new crops up..

”Just got up and getting ready. Got a lot of work to do before we get together again. This is going to be a long and eventful day. #PES2013”

”So here’s where the magic is going to happen tomorrow. Setting up the room, and going through rehearsals now #PES2013”

”Here’s a pic of @JonMurphy_PES talking to US PES team leader Tim (well, Tim’s back)”

”Here’s Hosoda (top left) and Hatsumi (right of Hosoda) going through the script with the translators. #PES2013”

”I know ppl want to hear stuff about the game, but I have to be careful what I tweet. No vids or screens before embargo late this month, tho.”

”Also need to add, spent the evening with the guys from the PES team. All legends. Naoya Hatsumi, Manorito Hosoda and Toru Kato.”

Steve Merrett :

”Lots of PES 2013 planning going on. Videos looking great, and i reckon people will be impressed #PES2013Brazil”

Jon Murphy :

”Look who I just bumped into…”


Head to the PES Facebook Page for other pictures from the event.

”So we’re going to be posting some pics around the event very soon, stay tuned to Facebook and twitter! #PES2013Brazil”

”Ok today is when it all goes off. Expect lots of info on official Facebook and @JonMurphy_PES account. Let’s get it on! #PES2013Brazil”

”Enjoying the event. Talking to everyone and some great feedback and impressions. So far so good! #PES2013Brazil”

”Mr @JonMurphy_PES with the WEP team for interviews. Busy! More (better) pics coming on Facebook soon #PES2013Brazil”

Steve Merrett :

”You know those advances in PES 2013 you wanted? Yep, there they are… #PES2013Brazil”

”Did someone say ‘already better than FIFA’? A couple, actually… #PES2013Brazil”

Jon Murphy :

”#PES2013Brazil Licenses won’t be discussed yet. We may have some more info at E3..”

”Presentation going well. Exciting Player ID skills on display”

”gameplay tests about to start. I’ve been playing for ages and you can be so expressive”

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