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What Can We Expect Tonight?


With less than six hours left until EA Conference for E3 kicks off, many of you might be intrigued about what to expect today/tonight.

Three weeks ago EA unveiled the EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine at the Xbox Reveal Event, an engine designed to be future-proof and to endure the many years of the next generation of gaming. But news that the FIFA 14 trailer at the Xbox Reveal was indeed CGI, left many fans disappointed at the fact that the game might not live up to the high standards set by that video. But be not discouraged as the trailer may have not been running entirely on a game engine but will no doubt have used assets from the EA Ignite Engine.

We are expecting EA to use today’s event to set the benchmark of what to expect from their products over the next few years, this is the biggest E3 since 2005 after all. They will need to impress, not just to please their shareholders, but also to keep the consumers faith in their product and to show that they have not rested on their laurels after being triumphant in the Current-Gen football war.


There has been talk over the last couple of weeks from various media outlets with regards to the Next-Gen FIFA, most notably the article by T3. They claim to have seen the IGNITE Engine running FIFA and that “the visual leap on next-gen systems was strikingly apparent”. The simple fact that EA have tripled investment in animations for their Next-Gen title, with over 1000 new animations is impressive to say the least. So expect some impressive graphic and animations, and as always the first 2 – 3 iterations of FIFA on the Next-Gen will see impressive graphical advances year on year.


The EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine is reported to perform “four times the amount of decisions being made at any one time” when comapred to the Current-Gen FIFA Engine. This level of processing would allow the FIFA development team to really push the bar with regards to technical features running in real-time in game thus having a significant impact on gameplay and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We should expect some big advances in the AI department.

“Your team mates also behave noticeably more like an actual team, with players making contextually appropriate runs, be they into the box or to cover, depending on your movements. You can also now choose to avoid collisions or take a hit for the team depending on the challenge.”

Based purely on the quote above from the same article, we would expect the AI to be far more advanced than what we currently have on Current-Gen FIFA for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The gameplay should also feel significantly different with the ability to implement a vast range of features that allow a much more immersive experience. The folks at T3, reportedly the only people that have seen this engine running, had the following to say about the Physical aspects of the Next-Gen FIFA Engine.

“On the Barcelona v Real Madrid demo we saw, the new physical play system was the focus, with gamers now able to distribute players’ weight to fend off the opposition or play to their strengths.”

It’s an exciting time FIFA fans. Check out FSB later this evening for all the latest!

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