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What Do You #WishFIFAWouldBe ?


That hashtag on Twitter is turning in to a bit of a mini revolution with EA themselves now monitoring the feedback and suggestions made by the FIFA community live and un-edited. It was all started by friends of FIFASoccerBlog Sweetpatch.tv earlier today and has steadily grown and grown now trending in various parts of the world.

So if you want to get your FIFA feedback to the developers then I suggest you get on Twitter and make your suggestions using the hashtag #WishFIFAWouldBe You never know you might just change the game for the better. If you don’t have a Twitter account then it’s time to get one as it’s become a fantastic resource for everything FIFA related.

Plus you can follow me @Dave797 Tom @tem1985 and @FIFASoccerBlog what more could you possibly want?

What do you #WishFIFAWouldBe ?

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