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Where Is The FSB FIFA 12 Review?


A valid question and one which I’m sure at least a few of you will have asked yourselves by now. Well, rather than releasing with the gaming media we decided to do things a little differently this year with our FIFA 12 Review and we think with good reason.

We’re pleased to inform you that the FIFA Soccer Blog FIFA 12 Review will launch on October 7th (Friday) a full week after the UK release date and here’s why…

  • We want this to be your FIFA 12 review as much as our own. Waiting a week enables all of you to hammer the game meaning you can contribute your own feedback in the comments once we release, creating the definitive FIFA 12 community review.
  • FIFA 12 is a massive game, too much for one man to do justice so this year we’ve decided to break the game down in to its component parts, reviewing and scoring them individually, this simply takes more time.
  • We wanted to base our FIFA 12 review on the same  retail code that you guys would be playing and to properly access each game mode, over a weeks solid play is a bare minimum.
  • We wanted to be able to asses any bugs/glitches that made it in to FIFA 12 retail code, as they will obviously have a huge bearing on how we score it.

Hopefully those reasons are good enough for you guys and we appreciate this is a different strategy to the norm, but it’s one we feel necessary to provide the right type of feedback to EA. Here’e Friday’s schedule:

9:00am – FIFA 12 Gameplay Review – Suffwan

10:00am – FIFA 12 Career Mode Review – Tom

11:00am – FIFA 12 Online Modes Review – Toby

12:00pm – FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Review – Dave

01:00pm – FIFA 12 Features Review (Creation Centre, Replay Theatre, Custom Audio, Edit Mode) – Dave/Tom

02:00pm – FIFA 12 Review Verdict – All

Our final FIFA 12 score will take an average of all the marks awarded in each mode review so it will be (we think) the only review that reflects FIFA 12 as a whole package and not just it’s top level successes. So begin to prepare your own thoughts gentlemen because on Friday FSB needs you to contribute to our FIFA 12 review!

Oh and I’ve crudely hidden some Kitana Media references in the post image, can you find FSB?

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