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Where To Get Your Custom Audio


With FIFA 12 just around the corner, it’s the time when people start to prepare by getting involved in any way they can. Fix your Gamerface to incorporate your new nose, Start getting your club together and get stuck into the updated Creation Centre which should be launching very soon. Whilst you’re waiting you can also start gathering up your custom audio.

Fanchants.com is the place to get it, because that’s what they do…

We collect chants. From pubs (you know the ones), outside grounds, on buses and trains, anywhere the fans are singing. We professionally edit, master them and convert the chants to the appropriate formats, ready to play on your computers, mobile phones and stereos.

They’ve got a massive library, spanning tonnes of countries and teams, they’re actually recording in Argentina as I write this, and their new website is set to launch in the coming weeks with loads more UK recordings plus thousands of recordings from Europe and South America set to release with it.

Now would probably be a good time to mention that it’s all free…

So head over there now, sign up and have a look around. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter


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