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Where To Order WE 2010 WC?


Or should I say WE 2010: Blue Samurai Challenge, or maybe even WE 2010 Aoki Samurai No Chosen. Yep, I like WE 2010 WC better too.

Right now, there seems to be little information on the latest Winning Eleven game, that was announced early last month. Not to say we haven’t been trying our best to find out whats going on with it. Emails sent to a variety of Japanese retailers proved worthless, as the usual “we’ll inform you when we get news” came back everytime.

What I would say, especially for the majority of people in Europe, is keep an eye on Yesasia. As you can probably tell from the header, I’d advise everyone to use them once the game is availble to order. The site has been used before to great success, and in a way wins by default seeing as Play-Asia (trusted by the majority) doesn’t ship PS3 and PSP games to the UK and other parts of Europe.

We’ll keep you informed as soon as we get any details. Seeing as it’s a stand along game rather than an online patch update, it has me very excited.

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