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Whilst You're Waiting…


…For Creation Centre and UT to go live again (patiently no doubt…) check out these Creation Centre screens. Some nice new touches in there. Although they’ll probably just make you want to get stuck in sooner…

As ever, click the images for full screen.

Screenshot of the option to use CC teams in CM, showing that the league will be simulated and transfers in and out will occur. Sweet!

Screen showing the option to use licensed teams in your created tournaments.

Screen showing the option to use licensed players in your CC teams.

Shot of the new sponsor upload screen.

Trophy selection for your created tournaments.

You can upload a custom logo for your tournament, as seen below.

Tournament team selection screen.

The new set formation screen.

New Kit options.

New Glove options.

Advanced tournament settings.

And finally…. The new 3d face creation tool!





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