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Who's Who On Twitter?


Those that listen to the podcast will know that I’m not a fan of Facebook. I hate it. So so much. Problem is, I still need to network, socially. So I use Twitter. Social networking at it’s punchiest. Moaning, Promoting, Musing, Flirting or whatever else you decide to “tweet” about all have to be bundled up into 140 characters. I’ve been using it for a few years, regularly post idiotic or irrelevant things and love every minute of it.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with Twitter, the concept is simple. It’s pretty much Facebook *hack* Status updates, without the “likes” and all the other guff which muddies that site up.  It’s increasingly used by businesses to communicate with customers, celebrities to stay in touch with their fans, as well as by your average Joe telling people what they are currently eating. When you follow someone, you see their tweets in your feed. That’s about it.

Everyone will have different preferences for using Twitter. Options include apps for mobiles, desktop clients and browser plug-ins, as well as direct from the website. Personally I use a Firefox app called Echofon and the official Twitter Iphone App but there are literally hundreds of options.

There is plenty of FIFA news to be found on Twitter, it’s also an excellent way of finding out when new posts hit FSB, but you need to know who to follow. So. I present to you a, by no means definitive, who’s who of FIFA on Twitter.

First off, Official EA accounts:

EASPORTS_FIFAAll your latest updates from the FIFA team at EA SPORTS.

EAUK_FIFAPhil Wride – UK Community Manager

earom – Romily Broad – Community Manager for the EA SPORTS FIFA series.

EAHumber – Simon Humber – Line Producer, EA Canada, 2010 FIFA World Cup

ruttski – David Rutter – Running that FIFA videogame thing…

FIWC – The official twitter feed for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2011 (FIWC11) – the world’s biggest virtual football tournament!

EAFootballLive – Twitter account for the Football Live Team

EA – Official Twitter account for EA. Follow for updates on all your favorite EA games

EASPORTS www.EASPORTS.com for the latest sports gaming news.

electronicarts – UK specific EA game news and videos

Then of course, the FSB Staff:

Adam_Bhatti – co-owner of Kitana Media, home to the biggest Independent UK FIFA site, Huge fan of football, who only dreams of one day having a footy game to match the real-life sport perfectly.

suffwanco-owner of Kitana Media, PhD Lung Cancer Researcher, Consultant & Philanthropist.

LucPestille – Apathetic web design ninja – pushing pixels, building stuff, generally kicking ass.

Dave797Resident Dancer Dave Bryant.

tem1985 – Me.

FSB_NannySelf professed best FIFA player and best looking member of the FSB team.

FSBchrisdaviesFIFASoccerBlog.com Senior Editor (and also the Asian Image News computer games columnist). The biggest FIFA fan and the biggest gamer you’re likely to meet.

The FIFA Community sites:

FIFASoccerBlog – The Definitive FIFA Site

SweetpatchTV – All the latest real and virtual FIFA soccer gaming news from around the world and to help you take your Soccer enjoyment to the max!

FVPA – The FVPA was Established in Dec 2009 to further enhance all Virtual Pro’s Fifa playing experience! Clubs from both Xbox and PS3 have dedicated Team and Recruitment threads, whilst Players looking for Clubs can post themselves as free agents.

The visual masters:

555Barca_Boy555Fifa Tutorials, Challenges and Compilations.

Hjerpseth If you like my work, please subscribe! 😉 And you can follow me on twitter for updates on my current/upcoming projects.

ph1lp0tt0FIFA Videos, with a focus on Ultimate Team. Please subscribe for more videos! Much appreciated!

wepeeler“Wepeeler’s the name. The FIFA community’s the game. I edit videos for my YouTube channel, moderate on the EA FIFA forums, run Sweetpatch.TV’s Wepeelerz Sweet Vidz and try my best to help out anyone I can in regards to FIFA and gameplay capture. Word.”

FifaRalleHey my name is Rasmus, also known as FifaRalle on youtube. I’ve been making FIFA videos on youtube for about 2½ year. It has become some kind of a hobby, and I enjoy it.

And some particularly active members of the FIFA Community.

glencooleyIndependent paradigm shifting gameplay specialist FIFA evangelist.

leemeadowcroftFootball, Gaming and Blogging Extraordinaire.

BigZombieMonkeyFat bloke who loves football, video games and Daves dancing…

Follow those people and you’ll be swimming in FIFA news and areas of peoples private lives you may or may not want to see.

I’m sure I have missed people and I apologise for that in advance. If any more come in, I’ll update the post.

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