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Wii U Or Wii U Not?


A freightening thought for FIFA fans who own a Nintendo Wii U, with the possibility that FIFA 14 not appearing on Nintendo’s flagship console this season.

Following on from yesterday’s announcement by EA that this year’s Madden NFL 25 (25th Anniversary) will not be released on the Wii U, Eurogamer question whether the FIFA franchise will suffer the same fate.

The official line from EA was;

“We will not be releasing a Wii U version of Madden NFL in 2013. However, we have a strong partnership with Nintendo and will continue to evaluate opportunities for delivering additional Madden NFL products for Nintendo fans in the future.”

FIFA 14 was announced a fortnight ago, with EA confirming the release for PS3, X360 and PC with more platforms to be announced at a later date. Could the Wii U be set to miss out on FIFA this year?

A couple of months ago Crytek revealed that they had a near complete version of Crysis 3 for the Wii U that was canned, and more recently DICE announced that Battlefield 4 won’t be making an appearance on the console due to the development time required. Given the struggles that Nintendo are having selling the console and the limited user base the Wii U currently has, there might some rationale to the suggestion that EA might dedicate it’s game development resources across various studios to focusing on engine development for the soon to arrive PS4 and Next Xbox.

It is still early days and with FIFA 13 making a good showing on the Nintendo platform last year EA might just decide to release the title with the thought that sales will improve in the months leading to Christmas 2013. Hopefully Wii U FIFA players won’t suffer the same fate as PS Vita owners with FIFA 13!

Source: Eurogamer


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