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Will Mo-Cap Make The Game Unresponsive?


First of all, some facts about the relationship between PES and motion capture. It HAS been used in the series on numerous occasions, it’s inaccurate to think it hasn’t. A bit of a modern day myth. When it was used in the series, mo-cap was implemented sparingly, with specific animations using the method. These were blended into the game with use of animations created by the programming team.

With the release of PES 2010, motion capture has become a big talking point for many fans. With Konami not releasing a press release on the matter (yet), it has everyone debating whether the (excessive) inclusion is a good thing in the grand scheme of things. PES has always been responsive, priding itself in allowing intuitive control when controlling your player/team. In recent years this has become a little excessive, with instant reaction times creating a more arcadey experience. The inclusion of mo-cap in a significant way is not only to make the game look aesthetically pleasing, but also to create gameplay that lends itself more to simulation.

Started by ZIZ194, we have a dedicated thread on the boards discussing this exact subject. Let us know what you think here!

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