Will Sam Fisher end up sneaking his way onto the PS3?


Rumours about the up and coming Xbox 360 and P.C title Splinter Cell: Conviction coming to the PS3 have been going on for months now but it seems that the chances of it happening are very slim indeed after comments from Ubisoft’s, Max Beland. Most gamers were unsure if the title was a timed exclusive or a fully fledged exclusive but it seems that latter is what it is. Max Beland was speaking to Edge magazine about the prospect of seeing Sam Fisher at some point on the Playstation 3 and he had the following to say about the matter –

“I joined Splinter Cell after the exclusivity deal with Microsoft had already been signed, but there’s no reason why Splinter Cell couldn’t be on the PS3,” he told Edge.

“Conviction? No, because of the exclusivity deal. I know people keep talking about maybe, maybe not, [but] at Ubisoft Montreal I haven’t seen anyone working on PS3 for Conviction.

“If Microsoft wants an exclusivity deal, they don’t call me, it’s Yves [Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO] dealing with the business people. But yeah, I guess we could even be a PS3 exclusive if there’s a deal that makes people happy there.”

So it’s looking like Splinter Cell: Conviction will end up being a 360 + P.C exclusive and it won’t be coming to the PS3 anytime soon which is a shame as a lot of PS3 owners want to see the title come to the PS3. It’s a shame that so many gamers will miss out on the chance of playing what looks like a fantastic title because they don’t own a 360 but in this day and age, money defiantly does talk and money brings you exclusive deals.

One positive note for PS3 owners is the fact that he said it’s likely that Splinter Cell will end up on the PS3 at some point but not Conviction it seems. Fingers crossed that the next Splinter Cell title will end up on the PS3 but that’s a long way off yet that’s for sure.

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