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Winning Eleven 2009 Continues To Sell In Japan…


…with surprisingly the PS3 version coming out on top! With the XBOX 360 struggling in the East it might not be that much of a shock, but the realization of the fact the PS2 version hasn’t performed like years gone by might raise a few eye brows.

After checking the official figures (which I can’t post unfortunately, terms of contract with data guys at chart-track), it also seems the Japanese public are the most hungriest for the latest version. Weekly sales (around 95% on PS3) are steady if unspectacular, but still dwarf it’s European sales performance if counted individually. The next gen formats in Japan have mustered over 500,000 copies sold so far, with the PS2 version lagging behind with less than half that figure.

So, is this the real reason for the change of focus from Konami? With the public shifting from PS2 to PS3/XBOX 360 in their own backyard, it was a reality shock witnessed first hand and has surely forced the hand of many execs in the company happy to churn out yearly games with little iteration.

We look forward to PES 2010 hoping the lesson has indeed been learned.

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