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Winning Eleven Online Gameplay Videos


Old ”new” video…

A little peruse over our discussion boards had me stumble upon this video of Winning Eleven Online – the Korea only release – in action.



Looking closely at this game in action and it looks almost like a hybrid of ”classic” PES and ”current” PES – note what appears to be the presence two-bar stamina system from the Wii version too.It’s an interesting concept and one that I dare would possibly find a western audience, though it is understandable that Konami perhaps don’t want to confuse matters and that this offering just lends itself better to a pretty massive Korean MMO market.

Thanks to nobleknight91 for posting AntrAcsA’s youtube upload. They are old videos in that they were uploaded some months ago but maybe worth a wee look if you are curious as to what form the Winning Eleven Online project has taken.

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