World of Warcraft Guild Mentor Program is a Thing, Opens for Applications


Blizzard have introduced the Guild Mentor Program in a bid to nurture new players, ensuring they become long term subscribers.

Guilds on certain servers can now apply to become part of the mentor program which involves mentoring sub level 85 players that may need a helping hand or just some friends to play with.

Despite the constant activity in trade chat and the consistent hustle and bustle of its major cities, World of Warcraft can be a lonely place for a new player that has yet to make friends or join a guild. The mentor program seems like the ideal way to introduce fresh players to some of WoW’s more complex mechanics and grow a knowledgeable player base and ultimately a player base that learns to stay away from fire!

The program is set to run for 4 months and is open to any guild level 6 or above on selected servers.

Full information on the Guild Mentor Program can be found on this FAQ page.

Source: VG247

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