WRC 6 Review


Dirt, cars and big accidents. This is World Rally Championship 6.

Game: WRC 6
Developer: Kylotonn Racing Games
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
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(Review written by Matthew Golding)

I’ve had some good fun playing this game and found myself getting lost in it. It cleverly starts you off already racing for team Toyota, now this is so you can start by getting a feel for the game, it is not your normal driving game. Once you have done these 2 start-up races, the game then puts you at an advised gaming level, which I suggest you stick to or else things will go very wrong. After your initial start-up races you then get into the game, with the same as any game WRC 6 has different game modes for single player, multiplayer and online. Single player you can just race, do a season or even a custom championship selecting your own tracks.

The multiplayer is your typical racing multiplayer, with a split screen time race and online races. The online multiplayer is brilliant, it is very smooth and there is not much waiting time as It gets you an opponent really quickly.

When I started playing it immediately brought me back to the PS1 Classic, Colin McCrea Rally 2, as that game was absolutely immense. Playing WRC6 just reminded me that rally games are so much fun but they are also one of the most difficult games I have tried to play.

I have played many driving games but this is one game that I seriously have to concentrate as it is so quick paced, trying to drive the track in the quickest time while taking sharp corners over different type of terrain just adds to the excitement. When driving the cars, they do feel very responsive and the different terrain really does make a difference in your driving, trying to make those sharp corners at speed on gravel feels very different to doing them on tarmac. I do love the fact that you can damage your car, it brings a sense of realism to the game, the best bit was when I got a puncture whilst driving and you can actually fix it and carry on with the race, Brilliant. After each race. you can fix certain parts of your car. You get a time limit to repair things and each problem has a certain time to be repaired, so you have to be tactful in how you repair your car to keep it running at its best.

The gameplay is very impressive as it is so smooth when playing both on and offline. The graphics still haven’t caught up with the times but to be honest you’re having that much fun, trying to concentrate on the driving you don’t really pay too much attention. One part I am disappointed with is, when you crash into the barrier by the crowd they don’t react, they still just stand there cheering. There is just these little things I believe if they concentrated on it could’ve added a bit more “wow” factor to the game.

If you are a rally fan I’m sure you will pay close attention to the tracks in seeing how close the layouts are, well after much research on the interweb I can tell you I still have no clue, but then I’m not a rally expert I’m a games player so just be happy you have got some pretty good tracks to race on.

I actually enjoyed this game a lot, I very easily lost a few hours playing, especially doing the same track over and over again to get the best time I could, which was still rubbish!


Let’s sum it all up, the game modes are nothing different, they are still the typical racing modes e.g. your championship mode and your quick race. The multiplayer in WRC 6 still hasn’t changed either, but I use the phrase of “if it’s not broken why fix it” and this is exactly how it should be. The actual gameplay is so much fun and it is really responsive which is vital because damm it’s a quick game. Graphically this game is disappointing, it does feel like it’s a few years behind, but it soon makes it up in gameplay fun.


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Mark Sahim
Mark Sahim
6 years ago

Sounds like a good rival for Forza Horizon 3 🙂