WWE '13 'Austin 3:16' Collector's Edition Sold Out At GAME


THQ have announced that the Austin 3:16 Collector’s Edition for their upcoming wrestling title, WWE ’13 has sold out at GAME Stores across the country.

It has sold out three weeks before the game is due for launch in the UK on November 2nd and the collector’s edition came featuring a hand-signed autograph collectable art card from Stone Cold Steve Austin, exclusive in-game attire and in-game ATV ring entrance, along with the fourth disc in the Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line On The Most Popular Superstar Of All Time DVD.

For those who haven’t yet pre-ordered there is still the option to  pre-order the game on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 from GAME and Gamestation and will receive an exclusive CM Punk t-shirt featuring the WWE Champion styled as never before in his signature and now iconic pose. This is an in-store only offer.

Those who choose to pre-order it through Amazon.co.uk will receive the Prima WWE’ 13 Attitude Era Digital Guide, which includes a detailed guide to 60+ matches from the Attitude Era single-player campaign, including all bonus objectives, hundreds of unlockables which include WWE Attitude Era Superstars, arenas, and championships. There is also detailed moves, bios, and stats for all WWE ‘13 Superstars from the Attitude Era.

HMV are offering the WWE ’13 Live The Revolution’ Wrist Band, as well as a WWE ‘Best Of Raw Vol. 1’ DVD gift with purchase from launch. Grainger Games will also be offering an exclusive WWE ’13 ‘Live The Revolution’ Wrist Band.

Let us know if you have already secured your Austin 3:16 Collector’s Edition via the comment section below.

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