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X360 USB Transfer = OF Possibilty?


In recent days is been reported pretty much everywhere that Microsoft are releasing a new update on April 6th, that allows users the ability to use a USB stick as a storage device. Along with this, it also gives you the ability to transfer things like demos and game saves.

This is a potentially huge feature with regards to the PES community, as it could mean it opens the door to option files being shared freely within the community. It would be much bigger than most people think, especially on these shores. The UK is the only European country where Microsoft enjoys comfortable dominance over Sony’s platform. Therefore, if the option files can be shared, the potential of more of the community interacting over here could lead to higher sales on the XBOX 360. And with the PS3 version of PES 2010 outselling the 360 version worldwide by some margin, it’s also an opportunity for Konami to grow the market further.

The more well informed members will know though, that the new update merely gives the owner an alternative when wanting to use a storage device, and everything like game saves will be forever linked to your profile.

Only a few weeks to find out for sure.

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