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Xbox 360 Achievement Details


Being a little bit partial to achievements, i was particularly pleased to get my hands on the achievements that will be in Fifa11. I appreciate that some people love them and some hate them, but I fall firmly on the love side. For me, they offer a little incentive to explore other ways of playing the game and sometimes draw your attention to something you might not have noticed or tried otherwise.

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Some wonderful omissions are the achievements we saw last year for using 5 star teams persistently and quitting games. Although they were for 0 gamerscore, completionists would still have gone after them and ruined a few games for the people playing against them. I’m really pleased that they have been ditched.

Plenty of achievements have been simply ported from Fifa10, namely:

Against the odds: Win a head to head ranked match using a weaker team. 10G

All my own work: Win a match using manual controls (auto switching must be set to zero). 10G

Always Friendly: Cross for a friend to score. 10G

Anything in particular?: Visit the Fifa11 store. 5G

Around the world: Play a match with a team from every league. 25G

Back of the net: Score 5 goals in one arena kick about. 5G

Eat my goal: Upload a video to EA Sports Football world. 5G

Experimental: Play 5 consecutive head to head online ranked matches with different teams. 15G

Good Form: Play 5 consecutive head to head ranked matches without losing. 20G

First time out: Win an online friends league match. 10G

Home and Away: Play and win in every stadium. 50G

Look at me!: Download your game face from EA Sports football world. 25G

In for the win: take a head to head ranked match to extra time with a weaker team. 10G

Rising Talent: Complete 100 Accomplishments with your virtual pro. 25G

Woodwork and in!: Score off the post or crossbar in a match. 10G

Virtual Legend: Play 500 matches with your virtual pro. 100G

Picture perfect: Upload a screenshot to EA Sports Football world. 5G

In the game: Create a virtual pro. 5G

Training Time: Work on your skills in any arena practise mode. 5G

Their names have been changed, but the criteria for unlocking them haven’t, So rather than dwell on them when we have seen them before, lets look at the new ones.

New Career Mode Achievements:

Great Month: Win a manager of the month award in career mode. 25G

Record Holder: Get your name on any career mode leader board. 25G

Mastermind: Have a substitute score a goal in career mode. 10G

Folklore: Become a legend as a player in career mode. 25G

It’s in the blood: Go from being a player to the manager (or player manager) in career mode. 25G

Good week!: Get yourself selected in the team of the week in career mode. 15G

Fairly straightforward stuff, I was a bit frustrated that there aren’t more for Career Mode but they have been used elsewhere.

New Ability Related Achievements:

Aerial Threat: Score a header with a player who has the Aerial Threat specialty. 10G

Poacher: Score from inside the box with a player who has the poacher speciality. 10G

Crosser: Create a goal with a cross with a player with the crossing specialty. 10G

Distance Shooter: Score from outside the box with a player with the distance shooter specialty. 10G

Playmaker: Create a goal with a player with the playmaker specialty. 10G

These relate to the new player abilities, so you will need to check which players have those abilities, then put them to good use to unlock the achievements.

Goalkeeper Achievements:

Safe Hands: Play any match as the goalkeeper with no assistance. 10G

Established keeper: Play a season as a keeper in career mode. 50G

Once in a lifetime: Score as the goalkeeper in any match. 10G

Perfect Keeping: Play as the Goalkeeper in a Kick-Off match & finish with 100% Saving Accuracy. 15G

Warming the gloves:  Make 10 saves in 1 Arena kick-about. 10G

This is where it gets interesting. As everyone will now know, BAG is one of the new developments this year, so it’s fitting that EA have spent quite a bit of their achievement budget to publicise it. Not too sure about the “once in a lifetime” one though, I already had reservations about 11v11 online play and how one person can spoil it for everyone else in the game, putting in an achievement encouraging it seems a bit strange, however light hearted it was intended to be.

Online Pro Club Achievements:

Virtual Debut:  Play an online pro club or pro ranked match with your virtual pro. 25G

One man club: Play 50 matches for the same online pro club. 50G

Team Training: Play a practise match with your online pro club. 10G

Club Glory: Win the cup as part of an online pro club. 25G

Virtual Football: Play a pro clubs match as a team of ten or more. 25G

Enough here to hopefully encourage people to have a good crack at clubs if they haven’t already tried it.

Misc Others:

Hundred and counting: Play 100 head to head ranked matches. 100G

Notice the big change here and why it didn’t make it onto the ported from Fifa10 list? Now the requirement is to PLAY 100 head to head matches. Last year you needed to win 100 matches, and with games that people quit out of not counting it became a bit frustrating, with many people needing to get close to 150 matches or more to unlock it. Hopefully, this year even games against quitters will count.

Home Maker: Change the home stadium of any team. 5G

Founding member: Include a creation centre team in a kick off match. 25G

New Choons: Import your own sounds into the game using the custom music and chants feature. 10G

One to remember: Save a highlight to the replay theatre. 5G

Plus 1 Secret achievement worth 100G

All in all, a pretty good spread. Certainly enough to get all the achievement hunters poking around in every corner of the game. I’ll be working on putting a guide together once the game is released, i just wanted to get these up so that people who are interested in achievements could have a look.

Apologies to PS3 players but i haven’t seen the trophy list yet, it’s safe to say it will be the same, but i don’t know which ones will be Gold/Silver/Bronze.

Tom Mills

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