Xbox 360 Dashboard In Beta Testing


Microsoft have now opened up beta testing of their new dashboard for the Xbox 360 to selected users who signed up for the opportunity .

The Xbox 360’s internal software has had consistent updates since the release of the Xbox 360 console with some making a large impact and others being small, less obvious changes, but with this new dashboard update it seems that Microsoft have really upped the ante.

With so many rumours of what will be in this new dashboard it’ll be interesting to see details coming out a lot more frequently now that some of the public have their hands on it. Some things we know that are 100% true is that the new dashboard will be completely integrated with the Kinect sensor bar, will include beacons to play online with friends, will have improved facebook integration, new cloud storage for game saves and Xbox LIVE profiles, as well as YouTube and Bing.

Another new addition will be the Xbox LIVE TV service which will provide various countries with different channels with the US getting Bravo, Comcast, HBO GO and Syfy amoungst others and the UK getting the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5. This service will however only be available to Gold users and is rumoured that it will be powered by the company’s Silverlight software which could also be used to bridge the gap between Xbox, PC and mobile phones.

The public release date of the new dashboard is still unconfirmed, but the 25th November seems to be the most likely date based on the rumours circulating.

So for those who are beta testing, how are you finding the new dashboard? And for those of you who are not beta testing, what are you most looking forward to with this new update?

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