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Xbox 360 Online Pass Issue


Like many others, I turned on my 360 last night and downloaded the new dashboard update in preparation for the upcoming Kinect launch.

I was loving it, It’s crisp, clean and feels much more responsive. Until I fired up FIFA that is. Whilst logging in to the EA servers I was told that my online pass was corrupt. Balls.

The official line from EAs FLT (Football Live Team), is as follows:

“We are acknowledging issues with Online Pass on x360, after the Kinect update. If you fail making it past the boot flow, try again, until you succeed. Took me 5 times on my retail console. We are working towards a fix.”

So it seems that if you keep trying, eventually it will re-download your online pass and let you connect to EA.

Having snooper around it appears to be affecting NHL players too, not awesome news considering many people had issues with Online Pass being implemented in the first place.

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