Xbox Games with Gold November 2019 games have been announced!


Solve some crimes, ride some trains, fly some spaceships and do a joy ride

Xbox Games with Gold – November 2019 – sees 4 games, from 3 generations, coming to Xbox One. Ah, so that’s why they call it the Xbox One…

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter will be hitting you Xbox (not literally) from the 1st of November and will be downloadable through till the end of the month.

Midway through the month, 16th November to be precise, Sherlock will be joined by The Final Station – a game which I have played and I quite enjoyed although it’s incredibly and maybe not ideal for our current political client. Brexit, amirite?

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter is available from November 1st through to the 15th where it’ll be replaced by Joy Ride Turbo. I’ve played neither of these games but old Star Wars games with spaceships were always a winner so this is surely worth a punt!

Xbox One

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (1st – 30th November)
  • The Final Station (16th November – 15th December)

Xbox 360

  • Joy Ride Turbo (16th – 30th November)


  • Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (1st – 15 November)

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