Xbox One and FIFA 14 Bundle for £329


It’s not another official price drop, but thanks to Overclockers you can now get a shiny Xbox One plus FIFA 14 for £329. There’s £8 shipping too, but hey the bundle is still £329.

For the numerical people out there, that’s £100 cheaper than the launch day bundle that myself and most others purchased with FIFA 14. The £329 price point also makes it cheaper than a brand new PS4, still flying off store shelves for £349.99. That’s with no game too.

Is this considerable drop a signal for another price drop for the Xbox One? It wouldn’t be too surprising, even if Microsoft just recently dropped the price too £399.99 with a copy of Titanfall.

Just last week Sony announced that the PS4 has sold over 7 million units worldwide. That’s compared to Microsoft’s announcement of 5 million Xbox One’s being shipped to retail worldwide. Not sure how many actual sales that translates into, but it’s clear Microsoft has a bit of a gap to make up.

Sources: Eurogamer and Trade-in Detectives

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8 years ago