Xbox One Avatars Will be Full-Body HD


Microsoft have revealed that the Xbox One will be able to feature full-body HD pictures to feature on the player’s avatars.

In a conversation with IGN, Marc Whitten, chief product officer for Xbox One stated:

Your avatar will be on the system at launch and in fact, you’ll have some new options, including the ability to do full-body HD gamerpics, By the way, we should actually talk more about gamerpics too. We’ve moved from the 64×64 pixel gamerpics on Xbox 360 to a full 1080p. They are beautiful, and you are going to see some really cool hero moments, like when you log in to see personalised views of your games and other content.

Are you looking forward to upgrading your avatar on the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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