Xbox One Will Not Function Without Kinect


Xbox UK marketing director, Harvey Eagle has confirmed that the new console wont function without Kinect attached to the console.

When asked if the Kinect device had to be attached to the console all the time, Eagle responded with;

“Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes.”

When pressed about people that will use the Xbox One console in a more enclosed and refined space, he promised that the same great experience will occur regardless of room size —

“Yes, absolutely. We use the living room almost as a moniker — that’s where we assume the best screen is in the house. But if you like to play in any other room in the house, the Xbox One will deliver the same quality of experience whatever the environment.”

What are you thoughts on an always connected Kinect to your Xbox One console? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: IGN.

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