Xbox One X Pre-orders still available in the UK


The Scorpio King

It’s Gamescom 2017 and Microsoft opened the show with a 90-minute stream where they finally opened up pre-orders for the Xbox One X.

Microsoft also announced a limited edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X console that’s only available for day-one buyers. And limited it is. As of now the day one edition is extremely difficult to find with large retailers such as Amazon and GAME stating them out of stock. There are, however, some places where you can place a pre-order.

  • Argos still has very limited stock but this is strictly location based
  • Smyths Toy Store also have limited stock
  • Tesco are claiming to have stock but you need to place a £20 deposit to secure one
  • It’s also worth contacting your local GAME store as they may have some stock left too (as seen on Twitter)

Whilst it’s nice to get a limited edition version of the console we can assume that pre-orders for the standard edition will be available soon.

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